Follow Up to Hacking My Willpower

So, cheating the system has proven difficult. Last week I really fell off the wagon with regard to keeping current with my to do list. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have a theory that I can start and maintain several good habits at once by essentially starting just one: complete my full to do list every day before bed. I still hold that the theory is valid, but in practice it is difficult for several reasons.

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Let’s Build A Game – Part 4 (The Movement)

Last time I built the tile containers and some of the variables that will be stored inside the tiles. Today I am building on that concept. I am going to work through the logic in terms of thematic representation and then dive into implementing the controls. This is a BIG post and I will be covering some topics that may require some additional research elsewhere. I really wanted to cover every aspect of this project at such a low-level that beginners could follow along, but I vastly underestimated the work involved in writing these posts while developing the game.
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Let’s Build A Game – Part 3 (The Tile)

Now that the board and its movementĀ are in a holding pattern (in much need of smoothing out), we can talk about tiles. I have decided to use an array of squares to represent the spaces available on the board. They will serve to contain loads of other relevant information as well. For now, I will use the Createjs.shape object to visually represent the tiles, but I fear the system load of that approach may be prohibitive in production. This means that down the road, I will likely only render squares as needed instead of fully populating the board as I do now. Continue reading Let’s Build A Game – Part 3 (The Tile)

IT Service Management Training

This image above is the resulting mind map of a training class I’m currently involved in. I don’t have a lot to write about this currently, except to say that my mind is reeling with the volume of phrasings and specific definitions all targeting what may be the most abstracted concept I’ve ever attempted to learn. Continue reading IT Service Management Training

Hacking My Willpower

I recently read a couple of blogs that have sown seeds in my mind with regard to squeezing willpower out of my internal reserve. Continue reading Hacking My Willpower

Let’s Build A Game – Part 2 (The Board)

When last I wrote, I explained the scope and goals for my web based board game project. In this installment, I will lay some foundation and hopefully achieve some working progress toward completion. Now, let’s dive right into the specifics of my immediate goals. Continue reading Let’s Build A Game – Part 2 (The Board)

Let’s Build A Game – Part 1 (The Intro)

Over the next few weeks, I plan to work through the porting/digitizing of a great print and play board game I picked up recently. The game I am working with is called Septikon: The Uranium Wars which is an hilarious ( albeit difficult ) Russian, two-player, turn-based game focused on strategic overpowering of one’s opponent. Continue reading Let’s Build A Game – Part 1 (The Intro)

Retrospective on a Decade (open letter to my bride)

Ten years is a long time to do most things. This is especially true in a modern American culture of twitchy attention spans and relatively self-centered ideologies and entitlement complexes. Continue reading Retrospective on a Decade (open letter to my bride)

Thoughts on Adventures: the story so far

The following two days I barely remember. I looked back at the texts that I sent, and half of them are a jumble of nonsense.

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A Burgeoning Blog

A new camera and a need for outside activities fuel my desire to get back on the blog wagon and track a few commitments to myself.

  1. I need to capture images and sharpen my skill with my camera.
  2. I desperately need to get healthier and a bike ride to the park or other picturesque locale should be perfect bait.
  3. I have a strong desire to write and if I do not stay engaged with some measurable effort, I will surely lose a degree of ability.

I will determine the figures and frequency of my goals and update this list in the near future.